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career builders workshop

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From an employer's point of view, new hires who have an emotional awareness and the ability to relate to others are able to more quickly adapt to the team-based culture, be more influential employees and fill their pipeline with future leaders. Career Builders Workshop is designed for senior graduate students and post-doctoral researchers to improve emotional awareness and relationship skills for success. 


About the workshop

Built around a self assessment of Emotional Intelligence, the Career Builder program includes pre and post work in addition to a full day workshop. 

Workshop topics include: 

  • Making the case for soft skills in the technical workplace
  • An introduction to Emotional Intelligence and a self-assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence in workplace communication
  • Emotional Intelligence in networking and building a personal brand

To build accountability, the program includes follow up conversations on the success of that action. 


The Benefits of Career Builder


Improve current job performance


Maximize job search success


Transition to a new career

Why Choose Us? 

We specialize in helping technical experts become highly successful people leaders - both formally and informally - by developing their emotional awareness and relationship-building skills. We have built Career Builder specifically for senior graduate students and post-doctoral researchers to increase the awareness of the importance of people skills and indentify specific ways to apply these skillls in their current role. 


Get started with career builder

Learn more about our Career Builder Program by downloading our brochure. Or Contact Jonathan to take the next step in bringing Career Builder to your organization.