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Meet Jonathan Shaver

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Meet Jonathan Shaver

Like many of my clients, I work at simultaneously specializing and broadening my skills. Applying old skills to new situations, I have created opportunities that provide me challenge and fulfillment. I have a portfolio of experiences that allows me to bridge between the technical aspects of science industry with the people who make those technologies a reality. 


Starting Out

The third of four sons, my parents gave us plenty of work to keep us busy on our small farm in northeastern Ohio. Raising rabbits, sheep and alfalfa, I was very active in 4H and the county fairs.  All four boys are in some aspect of agriculture–veterinarian, food sales and marketing, agronomy and horticulture.

The world was opened to me by going to the only University we knew about–Ohio State.  It is to leaders at Ohio State that I give the most gratitude for the world view that I have today.  At the University of Minnesota, I earned my degrees in Plant Breeding and Genetics while being given the opportunity to continue to discover my potential.

I gained an inside view of corporate agricultural research and development as a scientist with Monsanto, and as an agronomy professor at Oklahoma State, I learned that growing outstanding leaders is the greatest impact I could have on the agricultural community.  I started Envision Partners in 2007 near Minneapolis, Minnesota.    


Jonathan's Experience

Research Scientist  | Monsanto Life Sciences

As a research scientist at Monsanto, I learned how empowerment of your team is the secret to improving your own performance. I discovered many role models who were able to successfully make the transition from scientist to manager. With support, these new managers were able to define and assign work projects, enable their reports and create strong relationships with their reports, bosses and peers.

Agronomy Professor  | Oklahoma State University

As as agronomy professor and advisor, I worked with hundreds of young agricultural professionals as they made major professional and cultural transitions in their life. Set into the heart of southern midwestern agriculture, I learned how diverse and large the agricultural industry really was compared to my corn and soy world.

Biology Professor North Hennepin Community College

Through college teaching, I honed my facilitation skills and adult education practices. I am a quick learner and creative facilitator, engaging the audience by bringing relevance to the content and helping them to discover their own applications.

While science on the surface appears to be highly technical, science is a way of viewing the world, understanding it and in turn learning more. Its a perspective. We all benefit from being able to learn and use a different perspective to view our world.

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Together with my wife, we are raising 3 beautiful children. My son is building his own leadership skills through Boy Scouts. My oldest daughter raises rabbits and is a 4H member. Both girls dance ballet in class and all around the house. I have chosen to be deeply involved in their activities. I have been a Cubmaster and a Scoutmaster in Boy Scouts. 

Work with Envision partners

I combine my passion for technology and agriculture with his coaching expertise to help organizations and leaders become successful at all levels of management. As we partner together, we'll achieve new levels of success in developing the people around you.