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Coaching Services


At Envision Partners we specialize in helping individuals who have previously built their success on technical knowledge to identify and embrace the new values, new behaviors and skills that will move them forward as successful people managers.
— Jonathan Shaver | Envision Partners LLC

One-On-One Coaching

I offer one-on-one coaching to help your leaders succeed at all levels of their work life.  I partner with your leaders to create a clear vision around their goals; to understand and change what is preventing them from reaching their personal and business goals, and support them to courageously move forward to make their plan a reality.


Team Coaching

I provide group coaching and staff/team observations to help your key employees become better people managers. I engage leaders and help them to increase awareness of their perceptions; their strengths and weaknesses, and how these influence their actions. As we work together, you'll experience more effective leaders and productive teams in your workplace. 

I have had the opportunity to work with Jonathan at Envision Partners for over one year now. The experience has met and exceeded every expectation I had coming in. Jonathan has helped me navigate more gracefully through resolving some particularly burdening conflicts, focus on leading through influence, building a personal skill inventory, resume writing, and most importantly helped build my confidence through our discussions and assisted in building a more focused career plan. Beyond the effect it has had on me personally, the influence it has had on our company has been quite positive. We now have an increased focus on managing people and building their careers. Managing people and career development is now a frequent topic of conversation and even some formal groups for discussion of people management have come about.
— Carla