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Reach Your Potential

Making the transition to the next level of leadership will require you to identify and embrace new values, new skills, and new behaviors. We are here to help you take that step.


Developing leaders in technology

Finding and cultivating successful leaders is the required goal of every organization. Leaders who are experts in their discipline are not always natural people managers, nor have those skills been rewarded. That's where we come in. Partnering together, we will build your foundation of future leaders.

Jonathan engages deeply into his coaching, challenging assumptions and providing smart views into difficult situations. He is prepared, on topic, and insightful with his commentary. He pushes when needed but knows when to step back and try something new. The plans and exercises that we co-created were excellent for stimulating my career development. I highly recommend an engagement with Jonathan for any person seeking to develop new skills and approaches for career growth
— Chris | Information Management

About Jonathan 

I, like many of my clients, continue to simultaneously specialize and broaden my skills. Using my previous experiences as a launching pad, I have created new opportunities that provide challenge and fulfillment as I apply old skills to new situations. I have built a portfolio of experiences that allows me to bridge between the technical aspects of science industry with the people who make those technologies a reality. 


Short Thoughts, Big Ideas

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