KISS Part Two

Welcome to our second post in the Keep It Simple, Silly series. Our goal is to take a TINY part of your day and have you see a HUGE payout when you implement what you learn. If you missed the first post in the series, check it out here!

Today’s super short tidbit is something you should start TODAY! A little effort now will result in a happier and more successful holiday season!



A team is a group with a purpose that is known and shared by all members. That is the only way that group will maximize its success. The purpose of a team or my purpose is made visible through my behaviors. If we are not mindful of our purpose, we can get lost in the details and minutia of work and life. Fall is a great time to reflect and re-purpose, even if it means letting go of the everyday stresses with some time off to come back with a different perspective. The holidays and the busyness associated with that time of year will be here soon, taking the time to refocus now makes it easier to stay on track in the months to come.

Jonathan Shaver