KISS Part One

Have you ever had someone use the acronym KISS? It stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. Since Envision Partners’ readers obviously aren’t stupid, (proof: you’re reading this aren’t you?!) we’re changing it to Keep It Simple, Silly. This week’s posts are a series of short, but impactful tidbits that will take a TINY amount of time to read, but have a HUGE effect.

Today, we have a recommendation for something else that is short but impactful. As a matter of fact, you can listen to this during your commute and get a jump-start to your personal development for the day!



TED Radio Hour on National Public Radio. This radio summary on NPR combines 3-5 TED talks on a related theme and provides deeper interviews with the presenters to add a different perspective. I am a regular listener because I like combing two or more ideas to form a third, and I get a preview of several TED Talks. One of my favorite shows took on four aspects of collaboration—the power of collaboration in such efforts as Wikipedia and Code for Americacrowdsourcing to digitize books through millions of tiny combined efforts; why we choose to collaborate, and what happens when there is too much collaboration at work. 

I enjoyed all of the full-length presentations. My new question is what motivates us to make LOLcat videos?

Watch for the second KISS post on Wednesday! That tip will help you set yourself up for a successful (and hopefully stress-free!) holiday season!

Jonathan Shaver