Juggling Stress

If you’ve got a lot of stress and what you’ve been doing hasn’t been helping, try something new. This week’s blog post is something new. I’ve collected four videos around the theme of preventing or managing stress. Tip number one—take a break later today and watch one of these speakers.

Stress and difficult times are inevitable. In “How to Stay Calm When You Know You’ll be Stressed”, Daniel Levitin introduces us to the pre-mortem—looking ahead to see all that could go wrong and building processes to prevent them from happening.

We all have heard that stress is bad for your health. In “Get Better at Stress”, Kelly McGonigal changes that perspective by sharing data that it’s actually the belief that stress is unhealthy that hurts our health.  This discussion is very much using mind over body to build our resilience to stress.

Following up on this theme, Pico Iyer, a world traveler says that no place is magical unless you bring the right eyes.  In “The Art of Stillness”, we learn to vacation a few minutes at a time by taking the time to go into our mind. There we have the opportunity to speculate, imagine, remember and interpret.

Andy Puddicombe is a former monk who teaches us how to meditate.  And he does this using juggling. Don’t need to say more there.