My suitcase is too small

Do you find your head bursting from handling too many strategies?  Strategies are like articles of clothing for a vacation.  Your head is like a suitcase.  Imagine going on a vacation without any idea of where you were going?  Swim clothes or winter parka, skis or snorkel gear, formal dinner clothes or hiking shoes.   By deciding on a single destination, preparation is much easier and your packing load is lightened

A reasonable way to reduce the number of strategies is to be more focused about your vision.  It’s not always enough to have a vision.  The vision needs to be specific enough to be supported by just 3-4 key strategies.  Too few strategies and you risk lack of robustness should something change; too many strategies and it just becomes cumbersome.

So a different perspective.  It may not be that your suitcase is too small, it may be that you are packing too much.

Jonathan Shaver