Equation for change

Accountability (or lack thereof) would be the reason why any one component is missing.  When someone does not provide one of these components, you get the results on this chart.  In a change initiative, someone has to be accountable for making sure each one of these components is in place.  It need not be the same person.  However, at some level “the leader” of a change initiative is the one who is accountable for making sure each is in place.

Leader sets the vision that provides context for all the rest (imagine an action plan without a vision)

Leaders hire or build teams with the needed skills

Using the vision, leaders provide incentive to change. (or money or threats or excitement)

Leaders make sure the proper and adequate resources are in place to carry out the action plan

Leaders work with their team to develop strategies and a supporting action plan to move toward the vision.

Lack of accountability is an outcome of lack of commitment to the change, and the horizontal structure of the “modern” organization makes it easier to get away with lack of accountability and pointing fingers.

Jonathan Shaver