Book Recommendation: “The Nuts and Bolts of Leadership”


Dr. Jim Bohn writes as the “Blue Collar Scholar”.  Toward that end, he prides himself on keeping all of his management advice practical, short and to the point. “The Nuts and Bolts of Leadership” is a book full of this style of writing. The 2-3 page chapters are categorized by leadership of self, teams and organization and then leadership philosophy. You need not read it in order, making it ideal quick reading material, because you can open to any page and find a topic to challenge your mind. It is not written with a lot of wriggle room, so you may or may not agree with the bold statements. And it is important to not just read what is agreeable to us. I like that the sections are also organized by tools, techniques and “hot-spots”.  The tools have immediate application, and the techniques, with some thought, need to be modified for your situation. Hot-spots are watch outs that might get leaders in trouble