Start acting like a leader–Part 3

  1. Have ambition, but motivations must come from the desire to help the team or organization
  2. Don’t let a focus on the future stop you from your doing your current job well

Support your boss in reaching her goals.  

Do you know what your boss’ goals are?  If not, ask. It is your responsibility, if you want to be successful, to make sure what you do supports those goals

Be explicit about this.  Don’t expect your leader to connect the dots—“Oh, I see how this will increase sales.”   She just does not have the time to do that work, nor the inclination.

If possible (and it is) try to think about how your proposal solves problems at the next level in the organization.  

You are probably asking your supervisor to go to his supervisor to get permission, funds, etc.  Guess what your boss is thinking….

”What problems does this proposal solve for my supervisor?”   You can help answer that

Identification of the problems that exist already and those that are created by your proposal is a difficult, but outstanding exercise.  You will not get everything right.  However, by making
sure you are solving their problems, you will begin to think from their point of view, and you will greatly increase your probability of getting new ideas approved.   Be a solution

Jonathan Shaver