Start acting like a leader–Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about motivation.  To be accepted by your potential followers, you need ambition, but the motivations for that ambition need to come from the right place.  We will continue with the ambition theme today.  

Another way to lose the respect of your potential followers, is to let your future ambitions distract you from doing your current job well.  There is not much that is less respected than a manager who is promoted purely on their potential, and was not a consistent performer in their “real” job.  Without respect, you have no influence–the ultimate tool of any leader. 

If you spend too much time dreaming, you will not be spending adequate time doing.  While doing your current job well, it’s okay to promote your successes or to work on selected projects that allow you to practice or highlight your leadership chops.  These are all going to be important to promoting your leadership to others.  But before you strive for recognition, you need have something worth recognizing.   

Jonathan Shaver