If you want to know, ask

All managers need to decide how much latitude to give their employees. On one hand, micromanagement is demeaning and frustrating to capable employees. On the other, your job as a supervisor is to give your direct reports the support they need. To determine if you’re giving employees enough latitude, ask them.

What decisions do you feel like you can make on your own?

Where do you feel like you need me to make the decision for you?

Employees are spending more time thinking about their situation than you are.  They have a lot to say about their needs, a lot of insight to give you.  Why assume that you need to already know the answer. 

Too often we don’t really want to know if we have the right balance.  Because, we probably
don’t.  But inviting the answer is easier than waiting for the answer without asking it. The explosion. 

Then, remove what impedes their ability to make those decisions, if appropriate. Make sure to communicate the boundaries. Clearly define what employees can and cannot do, or identify a core set of required standards. As long as those standards are met, people can have freedom to do what it takes to do their jobs.

Jonathan Shaver